Contractor Sales and Service

We believe in work being done right the first time.

Our contractor sales team, with both inside and outside support for our builders,

can be an extension of your company.

With our engineering services, woodshop and warehouse delivery options,

we have the tools to help you keep your business moving forward.​​

Small town reputation is everything -but it doesn’t mean a small town selection.

With our Ace Hardware affiliation, we carry all your essential items like lumber, plywood, electrical components, fasteners, tools, paint, and more, making us a one-stop-shop for all your building needs.

We only carry products that we would use in our own homes. Products that we know reflect well on us and the people who install them. We believe in projects being done right the first time. Therefore, we always stock a level of products that’s a notch above our competition’s and priced in the most affordable way possible.

Offered Services

                    • Architectural drafting & design
                    • Engineered floor systems
                    • Window and door quotes
                    • Deck design and quotes
                    • Engineered trusses
                    • CNC router work
                    • Framing packages
                    • Beam sizing
                    • Tool repair
                    • Woodshop products and labor

                    Warehouse Curbside Delivery

                    We are proud to offer delivery services for all of our products. Whether you need it in our delivery van, the large box truck or the articulated boom truck, we are able to accommodate your needs with effectiveness and efficiency.

                    • $30 Surcharge: For all deliveries within 0-10 miles of our location
                    • $35 Surcharge: For all deliveries within 11-20 miles of our location
                    • $40 Surcharge: For all deliveries within 21-30 miles of our location
                    • $40 plus $2 additional per Loaded Mile: 30 miles or more from our location

                    Boom Deliveries: Delivery cost available upon request.

                    Please note that in the event of the delivery driver being asked to drive the vehicle over any landscaping such as grass, sidewalks, etc., the driver will produce a damage waiver form to be signed before the driver is able to take the vehicle over said landscaping. 

                    Meet Our Contractor Sales Team:

                    Bill Brungard

                    Email: [email protected]

                    As the head of our contractor sales team, Bill Brungard is committed to customer service. With decades of experience in multiple fields, Bill offers a depth of product and resource knowledge that is unsurpassed in our area. From doors and windows to decking or roofing, even to local networking and recommendations, Bill is by far one of our most knowledgeable and experienced team members. 

                    Arthur Griffin

                    Arthur started in our woodshop, and has since moved departments to serve as a part of the sales team. Specializing in hardwood lumber, tooling, finishes, and custom projects, Arthur is equipped to help with more specialized needs in woodworking and wood technology related applications. 

                    Ryan Smith

                    Ryan is our resident tool guru and helps us to stay abreast of the latest products and opportunities in a variety of departments. Ryan handles most of our Milwaukee tool demands, particularly toward special orders for non-stock tools and E-Rebate redemption.

                    Contractor Sales: Warehouse

                    Collin Roush

                    Warehouse Manager

                    As our warehouse manager, Collin is an available resource to the professional tradesman. Collin is able to coordinate product orders for pickup and delivery, as well as process transactions for credit line customers from the warehouse office. 
                    BlueTarp credit lines and ACE Hardware credit cards are available for our contractors.
                    For more information, stop in or give us a call.

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