Raw sand and stone, formed cement goods, and a wide selection of Quikrete mixes. 
Quikrete Product Lines

Lewisburg Builders Supply offers a select line of Quikrete bag goods and other concrete manufacturing products.

Non-stock products may be ordered upon request.


Link: Quikrete Project Guides

Quikrete How-To Guides on everything from pouring new slabs, to repairing old ones, to building an outdoor brick oven. PDF documents include necessary tools and materials, as well as step-by-step instructions with photographs.

Link: Quikrete Material Calculator

Quikrete Material Calculator, used to determine the dimensions of your project, the material being used, and the resulting amount of material necessary to accomplish the project.

Raw Mixing Materials
All materials are available by the 500 lb. scoop, or by 5 gallon increments.

Masonry Sand

Masonry/mortar sand, finely pulverized.

Modified Sub-Base

Load-bearing granite aggregate mix.

1B Stone

Gravel with pebbles ranging from 1/4"-1/2" diameter.

2B Stone

Gravel with pebbles averaging 3/4" diameter. 
Formed Concrete Goods

We offer a wide range of formed cement products, including standard solid and cored block, post base, utility pavers and lintels, and more. This product line continues to grow, so customers are able to expect new options to appear periodically.