Provia Home Exterior Solutions

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Provia Home Exterior Solutions

Provia offers a robust variety of American-Made products, including but not limited to: 
  • Doors: Entry, Storm & Patio
  • Windows
  • Siding
  • Stone Products

Lewisburg Builders Supply is a proud distributor of Provia Home Exterior Solutions, 

Provia Doors

Provia Windows

Provia Aspect Double-Hung with Custom Grids

Cleaning & Maintenance of your Provia Doors & Windows

Click here to read the manufacturer's recommended care instructions. 

Provia's helpful care guide includes a broad overview of cleaning and polishing, in order to further increase the lifespan of your doors and windows. There are also additional categories based on the style of door or window, to delve into more detail regarding specific care and minor touchups. 

If you need repairs or replacements for your product, please feel welcome to contact us using the form below, and we will be happy to assist you. 

Provia Siding


Provia siding boasts four distinct features which set their product over and above competitors: 

  • Tri-Pigment Reflective Technology
    • "Heat-resistant inorganic pigments ensure exacting deep colors, reflect heat from exterior walls, and deflect solar rays to reduce solar heat build-up and unsightly weathering."
  • Weather Barrier Shield 
    • "A concentration of precisely formulated anti-weathering materials on the siding's surface help ensure long-lasting color fidelity and low-maintenance freedom for your home’s exterior."
  • SPX-2000 UV Protection
    • "Much like sunscreen helps block the sun's harmful rays from your skin, this layer of protection helps shield your siding from the destructive effects of the sun’s UV rays."
  • Color-Keeper Anti-Fade Protection
    • "Super polymer vinyl siding is meticulously engineered with the finest mix of ingredients that build a stronger molecular chain for superior color retention."

Clapboard & Dutch Lap Style Siding

The appearance of genuine wood siding, without the maintenance. A timeless look with enduring quality.

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Board & Batten Style Siding

Versatile style, and a strong statement - blending a classic look with modern super polymers. Exceptionally durable, and able to blend with other siding styles. 

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Cedar Shake Style Siding

Rustic charm which requires no painting, staining or sealing. Faux cedar shake which captures the look of authentic cedar, without the upkeep.

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Material Options: Vinyl

Vinyl polymers which are designed to provide exceptional beauty and durability, and are resistant to fading, cracking, and damage due to temperature changes.

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Material Options: Insulated Vinyl

Vinyl polymer siding bonded with EPS insulation, to provide even greater protection from the elements. Currently only available in CedarMAX style siding. 

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Vinyl Soffit

Featuring a variety of soffit types, each of which offer a robust moisture resistance and are offered in the same color sets as each siding option. 

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Accents & Accessories

All the trim pieces and accoutrement needed to complete a home exterior, and elevate its appearance. 

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Provia Stone Products

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