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A Heritage Revitalized

Custom Countertop Fabrication

The Woodshop also offers services for custom laminate countertops, in addition to the extensive product services of our Kitchen and Bath department. 

We offer free estimates of our shop-made countertops. 

While we do also offer templating (creating a physical shape which will perfectly fit the existing space) and fabrication, we are NOT able to offer removal of old tops or installation of new tops

Should you need to find a local tradesman to do the removal or installation, we would be happy to help you find that assistance. 

If you would like to peruse our kitchen and bath products, including our lines of solid surface and stone countertops, please follow this link to the department page. 

If you have any questions regarding countertop options and sales, please feel welcome to use the contact form found on the Kitchen and Bath department page. 

Furniture Design & Fabrication

The Woodshop at Lewisburg Builders Supply is able to not only create your project, but help you to design it as well! 

From utility items such as laying out and cutting custom stair stringers based on building code or helping to determine the necessary cut list for a project, to specialty items such as fully custom hardwood doors, bed frames, book cases and more. 

Regardless of whether you are a homeowner or a full-time pro, if you have a larger project in need of design assistance, such as a housing package takeoff or a deck layout, our contractor sales department would gladly assist you! Follow the link HERE to visit our contractor sales page. 

Custom Screen Doors: 

African mahogany with oil based exterior paint finish.

Cypress Executive Desk: 

Tennessee Bald Cypress slabs mounted to a metal base. Decorative inlays top and bottom.

Candle Case:
Curly cherry display case, styled after a classic bookcase design.

Custom Screen Doors with Matched Transoms:

PA Red Oak with Sikkens exterior varnish.

Our Craftsman

Ethan Renninger

Ethan is a skilled professional in a variety of trades. From logistical experience to machinery operation and maintenance, to metal product fabrication and forging, and now to carpentry and wood technology. Ethan's range of experience makes him a valuable asset to our team.