Dept. and Services Overview

Contractor Sales - Serving the Small Business

As a small business ourselves, we strive to support the other small businesses in our community. If you are a service provider, we would love to serve you! We are better equipped to supply materials for professional jobs such as repairs or remodels, and are always glad to provide references for wholesale suppliers on housing packages. 

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Homeowner/DIY Assistance

Being a "Builders Supply" doesn't limit us to the professional market! We are glad to offer products, services and information to the amateur and hobbyist alike. If you are in need of assistance or simply need some friendly advice - we are here to serve. 

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Custom Order Services: Doors & Windows

We are proud to offer several distinct lines of products in our Doors and Windows, and have the staff present and capable to help you determine what you need. Our knowledgeable associates will walk you through the process at your pace, to help you find effective and attractive solutions. 

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Custom Order Services: Kitchen & Bath

Our full service design center boasts a robust range of options, from cabinetry to shower and tub units to countertops and more. We collaborate with a variety of other manufacturers and service providers to bring you the best available product at the best price, the first time.

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Custom Order Service: The Woodshop

The Woodshop at Lewisburg Builders Supply is a hidden gem that is gaining recognition. Our skilled tradespeople here at Lewisburg Builders Supply are able to provide a wide range of services for you, including items such as: project design, project takeoff, cut list preparation, full project fabrication, and even a la carte cutting services per request! We partner with a local lumber mill to utilize excellent hardwoods to craft custom products. 

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